Jandy J

Jandy J
Jandy J
June 19, 2022

I have a cat with small cell GI lymphoma, a cat with kidney disease, and a cat with large cell metastatic lymphoma.

I have reached out to Michelle about their various ailments many times over the course of the last two years, often times in a state of overwhelm and desperation.

Michelle was always extremely fast to respond. Her advice was always science-based, and it always, always helped. I think the most extraordinary thing she did was, in addition to offering personally-tailored advice on nutrition/supplements/care for my cats, she also provided direction so that I could further research & educate myself on some of the most important issues surrounding their particular disease processes. This gave me the knowledge I needed to be the best advocate for them I could be. And, this is something my own vets have not done. And on that note …

All of my cats are in remission from their various ailments. Every. Single. One. And although they do regularly see their vets for care, I did not start seeing real improvement until I also implemented the changes Michelle suggested along with their medical treatment.

My cats are alive today because of Michelle.