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Top 10 Cat Foods

As a pet owner heavily invested in cat nutrition and cat health, I’m often asked what cat foods I would recommend, or what foods I feed my own cats. While I feed mostly raw, and I am a huge advocate for raw feeding, I do utilize some canned and freeze dried foods as a snack. Below are the top 10 commercial cat foods that I recommend. This list is based on foods that are biologically appropriate for obligate carnivores, contain high amounts of meat protein, and minimize the use of veggies/and or fillers.

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Why Ethical Eggs are a Feminist Issue

Feminism and the animal welfare are movements tightly intertwined. Like women, animals have historically been considered the “Other,” or “less than.” Our personhood serves as the elite leader in the hierarchy, deeming that non-human animals are less important than humans. But it wasn’t so long ago that women were also considered less than, only to …