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I adopted Jean-Luc from a shelter almost 2 years. He’s FIV+ and he’s turning 7 years old in August.

The day I got him I asked the people at the shelter what food they were giving him and they said dry food and I thought okay sure so I fed him dry food for the first month. Then I started doing some research and learnt about wet food and the benefits of doing so and ever since that day hes been eating wet food but trying to find the best wet food was so overwhelming UNTIL I found Michelle on TikTok! I did the consultation and all the information I learned about wet food/ raw food and vitamins and just how to keep him healthy was such a relief and it feels so good to know I’m doing the best and proving the best quality food and life for him

Samantha & Jean-Luc Schaefer July 12, 2023

I’ve had 2 cats with IBD. Michelle’s guidance and support has helped me make educated decisions on how to navigate not just this disease but also kidney disease with one of the two cats. She is extremely knowledgeable, with scientific resources to back her. She is always there to answer any concerns and her dedication to helping parents of kitties with IBD is amazing. Grateful for her!

Crystal July 18, 2022

Michelle’s been my go-to for all things gut related for my adult rescue. Her no-nonsense, clear communication skills, depth of knowledge and ability to provide answers where there haven’t been any was a great help and comfort after losing two seniors in seven months. She also crystallised what I was looking for in a new vet which I have finally found. With her help I have been able to relax and just enjoy my feline friends.

Alison June 25, 2022

Michelle is tireless in her devotion to help cats. She is knowledgeable and compassionate in so many areas. The area that Michelle helped us with is motility, digestion issues, diarrhea, vomiting. My kitty has never been as healthy or has done as well since Michele started helping us. Her recommendations are backed by research and life experience and we would be lost without her. There are so many other areas that Michele has expertise in that there’s not enough space in this box to put them all down. Thank you Michele for everything you’ve done for us!💕

Glen R June 20, 2022

I can’t thank Michelle enough. She offered lots of incredibly helpful suggestions when my 16 year old kitty was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis. I learned so much from her, especially the importance of diet in cats’ overall health.

Jia June 20, 2022

Michelle has helped me get and keep my kitten on a healthy and long life. Very thankful for her willingness to help and share her knowledge! She has saved us money and possibly rehoming our cat who had chronic diarrhea. Also thankful for her creating a community of supportive people.

Tracy June 20, 2022

I have a cat with small cell GI lymphoma, a cat with kidney disease, and a cat with large cell metastatic lymphoma.

I have reached out to Michelle about their various ailments many times over the course of the last two years, often times in a state of overwhelm and desperation.

Michelle was always extremely fast to respond. Her advice was always science-based, and it always, always helped. I think the most extraordinary thing she did was, in addition to offering personally-tailored advice on nutrition/supplements/care for my cats, she also provided direction so that I could further research & educate myself on some of the most important issues surrounding their particular disease processes. This gave me the knowledge I needed to be the best advocate for them I could be. And, this is something my own vets have not done. And on that note …

All of my cats are in remission from their various ailments. Every. Single. One. And although they do regularly see their vets for care, I did not start seeing real improvement until I also implemented the changes Michelle suggested along with their medical treatment.

My cats are alive today because of Michelle.

Jandy J June 19, 2022

Michelle has provided an incredible amount of support when my cat got suddenly sick and I wasn’t getting any answers. I was lost, exhausted, and hopeless. Michelle looked over the medical records, advised on further diagnostics, medications, and supplements that might be helpful. And most importantly she kept my head straight when I couldn’t think during difficult times. I honestly don’t know if my fur baby would have made it if I didn’t properly advocate for her. I was able to work with my vet and together we came up with a treatment plan. Luna is living her best life and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Julia L June 19, 2022

Michelle is incredibly talented when it comes to feline health research and understanding diagnostics and treatment. When my cat Natalie had a bout of gastroenteritis and was hospitalized, I was incredibly stressed. I felt helpless. Thankfully I could confide in Michelle regarding treatment and results which put my mind at ease. I can’t recommend her enough.

Holly June 18, 2022

Michelle has been so helpful to me and three of my cats throughout the years! From my first one that had issues IMHA to my second with puking issues to my third with a rectal stricture, she has always given the best advice and information that’s far better than even what most vets advise. Reading the resources she’s provided and learning about the science behind feline nutrition has been enormously helpful for the longevity and quality of life for my cats. She provides so much information and knowledge, and it’s all for free! I can’t recommend her enough.

Kristy M June 18, 2022

Michelle Case is so very knowledgeable and researches everything thoroughly. More importantly she is so patient and generous is sharing her knowledge and expertise with all the cat parents who desperately seek ways to help their fur babies have a healthier life.
Thank you Michelle!

Kathleen S June 18, 2022

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