Feline Focused Nutrition

Helping you obtain better, more personalized, nutrition for your feline. 

Benefits of guidelines from a Feline Focused Nutritionist

  • Personalized nutritional guidelines with a focus on your individual cat's needs
  • More control over your cat's health and wellbeing
  • Individualized approach to your cats health and nutrition rather than a bag of "one size fits all" dry food 
  • A critical thinking approach to feline nutrition with a focus on the most up-to-date research and biological requirments of obligate carnivores 

One-on-one focused approach on your cat's specific nutritional needs 


Empowering owners with more control over their cat's nutrition and health


Research and science backed recommendations 

Designed to complement veterinary care and bridge the gap between owners and veterinary professionals 

      A caring and empathetic approach. 

A service for healthy cats that just need a more tailored approach, or cats with chronic or acute health conditions 

See What People are Saying

Cats just like yours, thriving

"I can't thank Michelle enough. She offered lots of incredibly helpful suggestions when my 16 year old kitty was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis. I learned so much from her, especially the importance of diet in cats' overall health."



"Michelle has helped me get and keep my kitten on a healthy and long life. Very thankful for her willingness to help and share her knowledge!"



"Michelle's level of knowledge and dedication is outstanding... she has became an essential pillar on my own cats health journey. I don't have enough words to express how thankful I am, I have learned a lot from her!!!"



"Michelle is a wealth of knowledge, I trust her experience in many respects more than some of the vets I had to deal with. Love the fact that she's staying on top of the new research data"



"Michelle is tireless in her devotion to help cats. She is knowledgeable and compassionate in so many areas. The area that Michelle helped us with is motility, digestion issues, diarrhea, vomiting. My kitty has never been as healthy or has done as well since Michele started helping us. Her recommendations are backed by research and life experience and we would be lost without her."



"Michelle is incredibly talented when it comes to feline health research and understanding diagnostics and treatment. When my cat Natalie had a bout of gastroenteritis and was hospitalized, I was incredibly stressed. I felt helpless. Thankfully I could confide in Michelle regarding treatment and results which put my mind at ease. I can't recommend her enough."



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