Adventures in Raw Feeding: Part 1

I’m a bad cat mom.

No really, I am. I’ve been free feeding my three cats and giving them dry food exclusively.

Okay maybe that was a bit extreme. I’m not a bad cat mom, but I feel like one. I just didn’t know any better. I’ve been feeding my cats Orijen dry food for a long time. I thought I was doing great. I did my research, I knew it was the best dry food out there and “grain free,” what I didn’t know was that an exclusive dry food diet is bad for both cats and dogs, but more specifically cats. Cats are notoriously bad drinkers, and with dry food being, well, dry many cats are chronically dehydrated which can cause kidney issues, UTI’s, and an array of other health issues. Not to mention dry food is high in carbohydrates, and even the best dry food contains fillers such as fruits and vegetables that cats, natural carnivores, don’t need much of. With pet food companies regularly issuing recalls, or even being sued for killing hundreds of animals, perhaps its time to rethink the quality of the food we’re feeding our pets.